2015 Registration

Registration for the 9th Annual MEGAComm conference on Thursday, February 26th, 2015 at CINEMA CITY in Jerusalem is now open.

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Companies sending FIVE or more technical writers can register at the group rate detailed below. (Registration and payment must be done at one time and all must be employees of the same company.) As we must close the number of attendees with Cinema City by January 1, no refunds will be made after this date, unless we are able to similarly cancel with Cinema City (currently not in our agreement).

For the purposes of this conference, freelancers are those who do not work full time at one company (or for one company). If you are working at ONE company on a long-term, full-time (calculated at 150 hours or more per month) outsourcing contract, you must register as an employee (it is your option to write the company, your tech writing company, etc. on the name tag).

The purpose of the freelancer discount is to help/compensate those who have non-billable hours or only part-time work. If you have a question, please contact our office at 02-571-6668 before registering and we will make a determination together with you to decide the fairest way to proceed..

If you are studying to be a technical writer, please contact our office before registering – only recognized courses are offered this discount.