Attendee Comments

Comments from our 7th Annual Conference – February 7, 2013:

After attending MEGAComm 2013 I have decided to give up technical writing and become Dave Carroll’s groupie.  — Mumpy
The MEGAComm 2013 conference had it all for technical communication professionals: engaging thought leadership presentations by experts, discussions on future trends and industry best practices, and plenty of opportunity for networking with peers. Adobe is happy to be associated with MEGAComm.                  — Saibal Bhattacharjee
Social media is here to stay. We need to figure out the best ways to integrate tech-comms into it. Seems like the marketing people are way out ahead of the curve on this one compared to us techies. Hadassah Levy’s presentation was a real eye-opener on all the ways to zero in on your target audience.     — Yisrael Woolf
This was my first MEGAComm and I wish I had attended all of them. The speakers, the content, the networking and the energy made for a fantastic event that went by all too quickly. Dave Carroll is a gem whose words and music I thoroughly enjoyed. I look forward to next year’s MEGAComm!
— Laura Ben David
The conference was extremely well-run and very enjoyable. Kudos to Paula and co for their hard work. — Sarah Kaye
I’ve been in the profession for around 25 years and attended a fair share of these “days off”. This time around it really was an event not to be missed with a number of excellent presentations, so I didn’t just meet up with old friends but actually learned something. Standouts were Dave Carroll (an inspired choice) who I thought was a great keynote speaker and relevant (consider audience and use of social media to name just two points to take from it). Also Rick’s screen cast presentation and Rayne’s thought-provoking presentation were great. In short – well done for a great conference..
— Julian Weiss